Frida Kahlo Bamboo Curtain


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Looking for a strong creative female to inspire you? Look no further, we have the answer - Frida Kahlo's radiant beauty and fierce brow in the form of a bamboo door curtain.

This curtain will jazz up your doorway with a welcome splash of colour and keep out those pesky flies.

Traditional beads of bamboo are hand painted in Vietnam and formed into 120 strings to create a beautiful image, visible on both sides. Fitted with two hooks for easing hanging.

Size: (W) 90cm x (H) 200cm
Material: Bamboo, metal wire and wood
Colour: Multicolour


Handmade in Vietnam

Q: When will this be back in stock please?
They should be back in stock in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully sooner!
We'll send you an email when they're back in :)
- Lou on 27 Jul 2018
Q: Does this cover a standard size UK door frame?
The curtain measures 90cm x 200 cm so will cover most standard UK door frames.
- Niall on 10 Apr 2018
Q: How do you attach it?
The strip at the top of the curtain has two loops attached which can be hung from hooks or screws attached to the door frame or wall.
- Niall on 10 Apr 2018
Q: What is this made of?
The curtain is made of wire, threaded through bamboo which is hand painted with the image.
- Jen on 10 Apr 2018



Excellent choice, excellent pricing and world class customer service

- Posted on 30/10/2018


My favourite shop in Manchester!

- Posted on 30/10/2018

G Brown

Beautiful emporium of lights, prettiness and kitsch!

- Posted on 30/10/2018


So great! lovely people, quick delivery, great products.

- Posted on 30/10/2018

Katie C

Lovely, brilliant, and different! Can’t wait for Christmas to shop in here!

- Posted on 30/10/2018

Jayne H

I bought this curtain for my kitchen which leads on to my garden. Its looks stunning whether seen from the garden or the inside. I always get plenty of compliments. Great service too.

- Posted on 20/06/2018


I purchased this charming curtain from Ontario Canada and I'm not kidding, I received it from Oklahomaware in two days! I needed a filter for our laundry/bathroom door and it camouflages this room really well. We've had it for a few months now and are through it steady, without any issues (except I have to walk backwards with the laundry basket

- Posted on 12/06/2018

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