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Where on God's green earth is my order?

Whether you select standard or expedited shipping we'll send you an email when your parcel is collected that has tracking information.  You can follow the link to track your parcel's journey all the way to your front door.  (Or to reception at work which makes the security man cross for some reason)

Why are returns not free like on ASOS?

We're going to be honest, returns cost us money.  We'd love to be able to let you order and return things without charge but we're a small business and it just doesn't add up for us.  You're very welcome to return items as per our T&C's but if you want to avoid return postage costs and need more information about a product please feel free to give us a ring or drop us an email and we can chat.

I love Oklahoma!  Can I come and work there?

Thanks so much, we love you too.  If you'd like to come and work with us keep an eye on our social media, we'll always advertise any vacancies there.

Why do I have to pay for delivery under £65?

As a small business we have to calculate our shipping costs carefully and free delivery on orders below that threshold just doesn't work for us for financially.  We're sorry about that but we promise we're not trying to rinse you, we don't make a profit on shipping charges, we just cover our costs.

Please will you donate a product to our raffle/charity/good cause?

We're thrilled to work with several appointed charities every year but unfortunately we don't have a limitless budget and can't donate to all the requests that we receive. 

Why can't I return my bamboo curtain?

If you can get it back in the box perfectly then you can. And if you can, then please come and work with us full time, you are obviously a genius.

Can I buy online and collect in person?

If you live locally in Manchester please email and we can see if collection can be arranged  

I've made some things!  Would you like to sell them in your shop?

Information on becoming an Oklahoma supplier can be found here

Still have questions?

We'll be happy to help! Get in touch with us here


*Impulse buying is okay friends. You don't see these goods everyday. You like it? You grab it with both hands. Live your life!