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Enamel Teapot, Red

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You can't beat a good bit of enamelware, durable, stylish and timeless.

This handsome enamel teapot is a fine vessel for your tea brewing needs at all hours of the day; for your morning cuppa, your lunchtime cuppa, all the cuppas in between, and a chamomile tea before bed.

Word on the street is that it pours cleanly without dripping, but be careful of your dainty mitts because the handle gets hot when the tea is boiling! 

  • (H) 11 cm, 1 litre
  • Metal with enamel coating
  • Lightweight and super durable. But treat it nice because it will chip if aggressively manhandled
  • Hand-wash only and please god do not put it in the microwave
  • Leave to dry upside down to avoid the spout rusting