Mexican Handwoven Plastic Basket with Leather Handles, Blue/Wine


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Hecho a mano con amore por familia Miguel // Handmade with love by the Miguel family, these versatile baskets can be used for both storage and decoration or even as a fancy laundry basket!

These extraordinary woven baskets are handmade in the Mixteca region of Mexico by indigenous crafts-people who use their traditional knowledge and adapt it to modern needs. Some of these communities, like those of Cuicatlanin in Oaxaca, have incorporated the use of fabulous colourful plastic into their traditional folk art. Using plastic ensures longevity of their craftsmanship while also allowing them to preserve the heritage of the art of weaving.

The purchase of these baskets allows the safeguarding of a culture threatened by globalisation and mass migration; artisans can sustain their craft while continuing to pass it on to future generations, maintaining their cultural identity.
Size: 70 cm x 30 cm approx.
100% plastic, leather handles
Handwoven in Mexico
Q: Does the height dimension include the handles?'
Hi, thanks for your question. No, the dimensions do not include the handles. thanks
- Rose Lees Hood on 22 Mar 2018



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