Hand-Stitched Uzbek Throw, Lady & Deer

This vibrant vintage throw, known as a 'suzani', was made by hand in Uzbekistan. Suzani means needlework, and is synonymous with the glorious embroideries of the villages there.

An unbelievable amount of time goes into producing the intricate work of each piece. Here, rich shades of cotton have been used to create a charming scene of a woman and her deer surrounded by decorative roses. Each element of this elaborate design has been traditionally hand-stitched to achieve a stunning level of detail which results in an extraordinary piece of folk art.

This embroidery was individually collected on travels through Asia by a well-connected funky dude who’s business motto is ‘good shit, good prices’, this vintage piece is an incredibly rare find! It would make a spectacular throw on a bed or sofa, or can be enjoyed as a wall hanging to add texture to a room.

  • Hand-stitched embroidered throw
  • Cotton and satin foundation with cotton and wool embroidery/fringing
  • 1.4 x 1.9 metres in size
  • Please note: this is a handmade and vintage piece. Some signs of wear and charming imperfections are to be expected.
  • Care: treat this piece with very special care - dry cleaning is best!


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