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Kenyan Handwoven Basket, No 113

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This stunning sisal and yarn basket was handwoven by a member of a women's weaving cooperative in Kenya. Known as Kiondos (kee-yon/-doh) these baskets are traditionally woven by mothers of the Kamba tribe to give as a gift to their daughters on their wedding day.

A twining method is used to create the beautiful weave: two woolen elements are skilfully bound around a central pole of local sisal grass. Once orders come in, the weavers travel to local ‘gikombas’ (second-hand clothes markets) to purchase colourful woolen jumpers which are then taken home, washed, and unraveled into separate balls of wool.

It takes up to four days to complete one basket. The style of each member of the cooperative is reflected in their individual weave; using years of experience and vibrant creativity to create unique patterns and designs.

The purchase of these baskets supports the livelihood of the weavers and contributes to keeping this rare tradition thriving! Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity for you to add something truly special to your home.

  • Sizes range between (H) 39-43cm X (W) 38-43cm Approx
  • Made from sisal and recycled wool (natural and synthetic)
  • Made in Kenya
  • Fairtrade
  • Recycled