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Pisanki Egg Jug, Small

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Pisanki are decorated Easter eggs from Poland, the name comes form the Polish verb pisac which means “to write.”

This real goose egg was hand-decorated in Łowicz using Wycinanki, the traditional Polish art of paper cutting! Wyncinaki decorated pisanski is known as Nalepianki or sometimes Naklejanki.

To create the designs coloured paper is cut by hand using scissors and then applied in layers to form bright and intricate patterns. This method is particularly popular in Łowicz and some parts of Kraków, these specific eggs were created by a talented (& patient) lady called Miroslawa

  • (H) 10cm X (W) 4.5cm x (D) 4.5cm Approx
  • Handmade in Łowicz and decorated to perfection with hand-cut and glued paper
  • It’s a real egg, but fret not it’s hollow
  • Fragile!
  • It’s not edible, you probably know that but we don’t want any disappointments