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Vintage Otomi Tapestry

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This lively style of embroidery was created by the Otomi people of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains in the central state of Hidalgo. Often stitched in a riot of colour, the careful workmanship of this ancient and traditional style also contains influences of Spanish and Aztec aesthetics.

The Otomi have been embroidering for centuries, but the embroideries we see today are a simplified form of the craft, called Tenango, which was developed to bring new sources of income to the region following a severe drought in the area in the 1960s.

The designs are bursting with symbols based on native flora and fauna, local beliefs and even primitive cave drawings found in the Hidalgo region where many of the Otomi reside. Animals, often thought to be the bearers of important news; stars representing the cardinal direction; flowers and plants representing fertility and nature and even spirits, both helpful and harmful adorn the pieces which are then made into tablecloths, bed linens, or wall hangings to sell at the local markets. Although there is often symmetry in each piece, no two pieces are identical, just as no two motifs within a piece are identical due to the importance of hand-sketching the initial design.

Passionate about sourcing vintage textiles and preserving the folk art of nomadic people, this tapestry was specially selected on travels by a well-connected funky dude who’s business motto is 'good shit, good prices.' This vintage piece is an incredibly rare find! And is guaranteed to add rich ornamental texture to an interior as a wall hanging, decorative throw or bed spread.  

  • Vintage hand-embroidered Otomi tapestry dating from around the 1960s
  • Size: 170 x 186 cm
  • Cotton and wool are the primary materials used to create these tapestries
  • Provenance: Central Mexico
  • Care: treat this piece with very special care - professional cleaning is recommended!
  • Please note: this is a handmade and vintage piece. All of our textiles are hand-selected and in good condition, however some signs of wear and charming imperfections are to be expected


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