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Uzbek Suzani Ottoman, No 21

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These extraordinary fabric ottomans are a stunning showcase for the traditional hand-embroidered Suzani patterns from Uzbekistan. Each ottoman has been hand built and upholstered to display the incredible Suzani patterns.

The word Suzani is derived from the Persian word suzan (سوزن), which means needle. Suzani embroidery has been tradition for many centuries in the Fergana Valley which spans across eastern Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, an important stop on the ancient Silk Road route. The patterns and embroidery techniques have been handed down by nomadic tribes throughout the generations and were traditionally made by brides and their mothers as part of a dowry. These dowry Suzanis were used during the wedding ceremony before they became important adornments in the wedding chamber and then later in the marital home. It was believed magic forces and symbols of well wishes were lovingly embroidered into the patterns to invite happiness, protection and fertility into their married life and ward off evil from the home.

Collected on travels through Asia by a well-connected funky dude who’s business motto is ‘good shit, good prices’, these are a rare find. Each ottoman is completely unique and the perfect accent in a colourful home! Use it as seating at a dining table, at the foot of your bed or even in a hallway.

  • Measurements: (H) 38 x (L) 92 x (W) 42 cm
  • Upholstered with cotton Suzani fabric from Uzbekistan with wooden legs
  • The legs are removed for shipping. Each one is numbered and screws firmly into the base - simple!
  • Please note: this one is a biggie, so our large parcel UK shipping rate of £14.95 applies for this product. Or alternatively you can Click & Collect for FREE from our Manchester shop!
  • Due to the unique hand-made nature of these textiles, there may be some charming imperfections such as pen marks, where the original patterns have been drawn onto the fabric before being embroidered, as well as areas of embroidery that have been mended, giving the finished item heaps of character!
  • In every authentic Suzani, you will find a small deliberate fault or unfinished area, as a reminder that a man is not without mistakes. Keep them on their toes, sis


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