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Recycled Plastic Laundry Tub

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These colourful marbled tubs are made in Senegal from recycled plastic and come in an array of vibrant colours! Suitable for many of your storage needs, we like to use them to sort and fold our clean laundry, or for carrying wet washing outside to hang on the line. The sturdy handles are perfect for when you need to lug all of your clean washing back upstairs ready to be put away.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a colourful tub full of fresh laundry!


  • Measurements: 25 Litre H26 x D52cm (including handles)
  • Made in Senegal
  • 100% recycled plastic - all of our plastic products are recycled where possible and are intended to be enjoyed for many years
  • Please note: this product comes in a vast assortment of colours; all brilliant, of course, however it is not possible to order a specific one. If you would like to order a specific colour, please leave a note in the comment box before you checkout and we will do our best to fulfil your request, subject to availability