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Nathalie Lété Party Set

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Ain't no party like a Nathalie Lété party, coz a Nathalie Lété party got... KITTENS! And lots of 'em! Dressed in adorable little outfits! And just like that, I've used my exclamation mark quota for the day. But, really, this set is the absolute cutest! 

If you like cats and you like flowers, then this gorgeous Nathalie Lété party set will be a welcome addition to your party tableware. Featuring special illustrations with charming little cats and lots of beautiful flowers, finished with a gold foil flourish.

Got a smidge of cake frosting on your face? There's a cat napkin for that.

Nathalie Lété lives and works in her Paris studio that was once part of the foundry that forged the Eiffel Tower. Her quirky and beautiful work is inspired by vintage toys, folk art, antique engravings and is collected all over the world.

  • Includes:
  • Set of 8 assorted plates with gold foil detail
  • Plate dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
  • Set of 8 assorted cups with gold foil detail, suitable for hot & cold drinks
  • Cup capacity: 256ml
  • Pack of 20 scallop edge napkins
  • Napkin folded dimensions: 127 x 127mm
  • All made from eco-friendly paper
  • Designed in Paris, where all the style comes from