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Familia Lorenzo Original Painting, Devil Husband

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A lively original painting by Fernando Lorenzo of a beautiful bride and her devil husband.

A great gift with a sense of humour for a wedding or anniversary.

  • (H) 30 x (W) 20 cm
  • Acrylic paint on wood
  • Hand-painted in Mexico by Fernando Lorenzo

The paintings of the Lorenzo family; father Don Lucas, son Aureliano, and grandson Fernando, are characterised by their traditional warrior figures of devils and jaguars. They appear performing the typical dances of Mexico which the Lorenzo family reinvent with a playful spin each time. What is a wrestler and a Zapatista doing next to the Virgin? For them it is an important amendment. Sometimes it’s the people you would least expect that come to ask the Virgin of Guadalupe for a favour. “We must not forget that in Mexico we are all Guadalupanos”, says Aureliano.

Our collection of original Familia Lorenzo paintings are by son Aureliano and grandson Fernando. Their technique is acrylic paint on wood from which devils, jaguars, virgins, men and women burst out to give us a world full for colours and life. The world reflected in each painting by these generations of artisans, believe it is a pride for those of us who are certain that the art of their country is the best example of the potential of Mexicans who, despite everything, create and believe in themselves.