Microwavable Bee

  • £24.95

A best seller from our Manchester shop! Bees are big business for us. The symbol of our wonderful city, they embody both working hard and working together.

Pop in the microwave to warm up and enjoy the cosy lavender aromas as this toasty companion eases any aches and pains. Or wedge in your pants on a cold day.

  • (H) 20 cm x (W) 27.5 cm
  • Made from polyester and embroidered cotton with an organic lavender and wheat filling
  • Do not ingest the contents. Not that you would, right?
  • Microwave use only
  • There is a VERY big label that will tell you all that you need to know. Too big. You’ll wanna cut that off. But be sure to keep it somewhere safe for future bee-heating reference.