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Camel Bell Decoration

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Been searching everywhere for a camel bell? Well, of course Oklahoma has got you covered; may your camel be bell-less no more! 

For those of you not blessed with your own stay-at-home camel, why not use it as an intriguing hanging decoration indoors or outdoors, or string a few together to make a cheerful garland, while you daydream of a nomadic life astride a camel across the deserts of Arabia. 

For centuries camels have been the backbone of nomadic life across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, with traditional uses for milk and transport, as well as being highly prized possessions. All hail the mighty camel!


  • Nylon cord with colourful plastic beads and metal bell
  • (L) 60cm
  • Dude, where's my camel?
  •  India
  • Never know what's going to turn up on my desk these days