What is loyalty?

Simply put, it's our way of letting you know, we appreciate your continued support and we want to make shopping with Oklahoma online and in store as rewarding as possible. We launched the scheme nearly 3 yrs ago and it's been incredibly popular. 


How it works

Even more simple - you spend money both online and in store, we give you points. 5% off your future purchases to be exact.  For example, spend £25 with us and we'll email you a reward voucher for £1.25 for you to spend on your next visit.  

Rewards are unlocked for every £25 you spend. There is no upper limit to this.  The more you spend, the more rewards we'll send to you.  Like we said, simples.

Whenever you spend money with us, you'll receive a little email telling you how many points you've earned and any rewards you qualified for.

If you have a reward, there will be a voucher/code attached to it.  Simply add this code to the online checkout, or present it to the cashier in our Manchester shop to receive you discount, YAY!!

You can accrue more rewards and build them up over time before spending. Instead of claiming your discount when you spend £25 you can roll it over and when you spend another £25 you'll have £2.50. A great idea if you want to buy gifts with us at Christmas for instance. 


Can i earn/spend points online?

Yes. Yes you can. You can now spend loyalty points earned in-store on our website.  Simply claim and redeem the reward as normal and enter the unique code in the 'discount' box at the checkout. 

You now also earn loyalty points for online purchases. When you spend online we'll send you a little message telling you how many points you have and any discount rewards you have.  Again simply claim and redeem the rewards and add the unique code to the 'discount' box at checkout. It's that easy.


If you have any questions, want to clarify something or you're feeling lonely drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you. xxx

Email - support@okla.co.uk