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Who Did This Poo? A Matching & Memory Game

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What shape poos do wombats do? Which animals do green poo? Whose poo is sparkly? So many important questions that must be answered! 

Test your animal poo knowledge by matching the animals to their droppings! We've tried and tested this game at Oklahoma Headquarters (for serious quality control purposes, obvs) and we've already learned so much about animal poos and had lots of fun doing it!

When you've matched all 54 cards, you can turn them over and use them again to play a memory game. Also comes with a booklet full of fun poo facts!*


  • From the brilliant minds of Claudia Boldt & Aidan Onn
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • There was also a bunch of grown women in the office who thoroughly enjoyed it, so we're pretty sure adults will love it too

*The microscopic demodex mite is the only creature that never needs to poo. In fact, it doesn't even have a bum to poo from. Instead, it stores up all the waste inside itself. It only lives for about 14 days before it eventually pops. Fortunately, because they are so small, we never notice these exploding poo-bugs.