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Titties Socks, Pink

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Ever look down at your feet and think 'You know what those need? More boobs.' We can relate. And we got you covered, boo. These lovely pink socks are literally covered in tits and are the perfect remedy to that exact dilemma.

Boobies, baps, mammaries, bee stings, fried eggs, babylons, Brad Pitts, puppies, fun bags, spaniel's ears; whatever you may call them, all knockers are magnificent in our eyes!

Do the world a favour and buy these socks!


  • Size: EU 37-41 / UK 4-8
  • 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • Our eyes are up here
  • #freethenipple
  • Boobies not your thing? Here, have some willies