Hand-Knotted Nathalie Lété Basket, Natural w/ Multi-Colour Orange Bird

  • £250.00
  • £430.00

Nathalie Lété is a Paris based artist known internationally for her colourful characters and rich patterns. Her naive and poetic style is influenced by German and Chinese folk art, thanks to her Chinese father and German mother. Nathalie has worked in collaboration with PO! Paris to bring us a handsome collection of hand-made baskets, allowing us to bring her enchanting world into our homes. Ideal as decorative items or storage, some also use them as occasional tote bags.

PO! Paris is a project that uses the local materials and traditional craft techniques of a small town in the north of Albania to create stunning homewares with Parisian artists and designers. Embroidery is a much loved pastime amongst the women of the town and their lively sense of colour is perfectly in tune with Lété's style. Each piece has been woven and assembled in their workshop before being hand embroidered at home.

By bringing these two extraordinary talents together, the project has brought income to a growing number of households, helping this beautiful art-form to thrive and support the future of the makers!


  • Size: 40 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Material: Woven wool with hand-knotted and embroidered patterns. The straps are braided wool.