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Truck Art Wall Plaque, Embossed Heart

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These magnificent plaques were crafted by hand in Pakistan by the artisans who create truck art.

Truck art is a highly decorative art form in South Asia, where trucks are elaborately customised by their owners. The stunning designs are personalised to contain elements that remind the drivers of home when they are out on the road for months at a time. Kaleidoscopic patterns feature elaborate florals, exotic animals and sometimes even depict historical scenes or poetic verses.

Each plaque has been exquisitely made by hand; cut, hammered, and adorned with colourful vinyl stickers!

Please note: each piece is handmade, so while the overall shape remains the same, colours, sizing and details will differ slightly from piece to piece. We can guarantee that they're all absolutely exquisite!

  • Sizes vary from (H) 32.5-38 cm x (W) 34.5-40 cm approx.
  • Hang on your wall for a work of art with a difference!
  • Made from embossed tin and colourful vinyl stickers.


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