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Polish Easter Palm, Set of 3

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These beautiful Easter Palms are made by hand in Eastern Poland using brightly dyed dried flowers, grass and catkins.

Traditionally on Palm Sunday these palms are taken to a church and blessed, after the blessing it's said they should be kept in house all year round to protect from evil.

Other superstitions say that when you return from the church you should walk around your house 3 times carrying the Easter palm before entering the house to have a good year. Cows should be gently slapped with a blessed palm to ensure a good milk supply.

Even without the blessing we think these palms guarantee your home decor will always be cheerful, place them in a vase, by a fireplace or hang on a wall for colour all year round.

  • (H) 37cm X (W) 5cm (D) 5cm Approx
  • Sold in assorted colours, but trust us they're all lovely
  • Handmade in Poland
  • They're dried flowers so handle with care!
  • We can't guarantee good fortune only beautiful palms