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Chicken Egg Cups, Set of 2

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These eggcups are clucking great.

Not just adorable they're pastel coloured pieces of design history. They were first created in Germany the 1970's by Sonja Plastics who produce them to this day.

Originally designed for export, they were then sold in the GDR where they became household staples across East Germany. They're such a large part of design history that you can find them in various museums such as the the Industrial Design Collection and the DDR Museum Berlin.

Sold as a set of two in assorted pastel colours, they'll make you egg-cited to wake up and head to the kitchen!

  • (H) 8cm (W) 10m (D) 9cm Approx
  • Colours are assorted (but look at them, every one's great)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not just for easter
  • How do chickens stay fit? They egg-ercise