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Mariachi Retablo, Red

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Own your very own piece of Mexican folk art with one of our sparkling retablos!

Traditionally used to celebrate life's journey into the great beyond, this charming shrine features a generously glittered nine-piece mariachi band.

Please note, very occasionally some of the mariachi members have been known to come loose. Unfortunately, it's not possible to get behind the glass and straighten them back up! This could be considered a defect or, depending on your humour, part of the narrative. Did he faint? Is he three sheets to the wind? Or did he suffocate? He is a skeleton. He died somehow.

  • Size: (H) 16.5 x (W) 10.5 x (D) 3.5 cm
  • Hand-painted and bedazzled to perfection
  • Colours may vary
  • Made in Mexico!


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