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We All Have Feelings

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A book about understanding our feelings, designed to promote empathy and self discovery in children from 3 and up.

We All Have Feelings can be read as a loosely connected set of situations, each based on a different mood or feeling of a child. It can be read as a story and as an aid to discuss how we react to the world around us and our relationships to others. 

Thereza Rowe has contributed her wonderfully colourful and distinctive illustrations, and the book's format is uniquely custom-designed to be spread into a sculptural colourful shape. 

Some of the emotions covered include: proud, happy, sad, loving, frustrated, excited, scared, brave and curious!


  • By Thereza Rowe, Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang
  • Hardcover and printed on thick paper board; perfect for those little hands that love to rip out pages!
  • 22 pages
  • Published by Owl & Dog Playbooks
  • For ages 3+