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Kraków Foil Nativity Crib

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This sparkling delight is a Kraków 'szopka', or Nativity 'crib'.

Traditionally made in Kraków, Poland, where these little scenes are a popular Christmas decoration in the city. So popular, in fact, that they have been holding a szopka making competition in the main market square on the first Thursday in December since 1918.

The ornate structures can be up to two metres high, taking inspiration from St. Mary's Basilica and its iconic spires. A decent upgrade from the old stable and manger, no?

We can't get enough of this authentic Kraków szopka. Handmade and agleam with sequins and colourful foil. Peep inside to find an equally opulent holy family and the full lineup of visitors.

  • (H) 21 x (W) 11 x (D) 5 cm approx.
  • Handmade in Poland and bedazzled to perfection using foil, paper, card and sequins. Many sequins.
  • Designs and colours vary with each crib, but they're all absolutely spectacular!


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