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Mexican Woven Plant Hanger, Purple & Green

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Consciously sourced
Made by hand

These extraordinary hand-woven palm plant hangers are made by the women of San Luis in the State of Oaxaca. Thanks to its flexibility, palm is a material that has been used in many communities around the world to develop useful items for everyday life, such as baskets or plant holders.

A lot of time and skill is required to make these baskets, using techniques that have been mastered over generations; the palm leaves are stripped and dyed then woven using traditional Mixtec patterns. The purchase of these baskets allows the safeguarding of a culture threatened by globalisation and mass migration; artisans can sustain their craft while continuing to pass it on to future generations, maintaining their cultural identity. Here is a video that shows the processes that go in to making these baskets: Tenates de Palma - San Luis Amatlán

  • (H including hanger) 60 x (H) 20 x (W) 25cm approx.
  • Size may vary ever so slightly from basket to basket due to their handmade nature
  • 100% dried palm leaf
  • Handwoven in Mexico
  • Fairtrade
  • Do not wet your plant holder during watering and do not keep it in wet places
  • To preserve its color, avoid exposing your plant holder to direct sunlight


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