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Tunisian Patterned Kilim Rug

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Conciously sourced
Made by hand

This phenomenal Tunisian kilim rug has been meticulously hand-crafted by interweaving multi-coloured wefts and warps, resulting in an ornate geometric patterned kilim, that is rich in cultural history, and is reversible with the same pattern on both sides.

Kilim is a word of Turkish origin and refers to a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced by nomadic people across the former Ottoman Empire. Many kilims have motifs and amulets woven in to the design to help protect the weaver's family or to tie lovers together; other motifs represent the desire for fertility, happiness, and good luck. The Yıldız (star) symbols, woven into this rug symbolise the womb and are related to fertility. The zig-zag bands of the triangular Su Yolu motif running down the length of the rug symbolise the importance of water in the life of mankind. An attractive element of this traditional rug is its abrash effect: the dappled appearance due to the variation in each shade of colour, a result of hand-dyeing the yarn with natural dyes; this is seen as a sign of quality and of a rug that has been made within a nomadic tribe for indigenous use, not commercial purposes.

As is true in most weaving cultures, traditionally women and girls are the artisans, taking up weaving as a hobby as well as being a source of income. Women learn their weaving skills from a young age, and each rug is a very labour-intense product, taking months or even years to complete.

Passionate about sourcing vintage textiles and preserving the folk art of nomadic people, this rug was specially selected on travels through Central Asia by a well-connected funky dude who’s business motto is 'good shit, good prices.'

This vintage piece is an incredibly rare find! It would make a spectacular addition to a living room floor, adding rich ornamental texture to your home.


  • Vintage hand-woven kilim rug dating from around the 1960s-1970s
  • Size: (W)128 x (L)250 cm
  • Wool is the primary material used to make a kilim rug
  • Provenance: Tunisia
  • Care: treat this piece with very special care - professional cleaning is recommended! We recommend using anti-slip mats underneath our vintage rugs
  • Please note: this is a handmade and vintage piece. All of our rugs are hand-selected and in good condition, however some signs of wear and charming imperfections are to be expected
  • If rugs could talk, this one would have some tales to tell
  • Please note: this one is a biggie, so our large parcel UK shipping rate of £14.95 applies for this product. Or alternatively you can Click & Collect for FREE from our Manchester shop!