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Hand-Stitched Vintage Quilt, No 13

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Conciously sourced
Made by hand

These phenomenal patchwork quilts were stitched by hand using traditional techniques in the rural areas of south eastern Pakistan, where they are called 'rallis'. The name ralli comes from the local word 'ralanna', meaning to mix or connect.

Quilt making is an old tradition in the region, perhaps dating all the way back to the fourth millennium BC judging by similar patterns found on ancient pottery. Each piece is made from scraps of cotton fabric dyed to the desired colour, along with older pieces of tie-dye, ajrak, and shawl fabric. Ralli quilts have layers of fabric or cotton fibres between the top and bottom layers, which are then firmly held together by thick coloured thread stitched in straight lines.

The lives of the women who create the quilts are stitched into each piece. Each quilt tells of the natural creativity and love of colour of its maker. The bold designs of the rallis, that are also seen on ancient pottery, have been passed from mother to daughter and woman to woman for thousands of years.

Individually collected on travels through Asia by a well-connected funky dude whose business motto is ‘good shit, good prices’, this gorgeous quilt is a rare find! Each one is completely unique and makes an extraordinary throw on a bed or sofa, or enjoyed as a wall hanging.


  • Hand-stitched embroidered throw
  • Cotton foundation with cotton and wool embroidery
  • 1.6 x 1.2 metres in size
  • Care: treat this piece with very special care - dry cleaning is best!


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