June at Oklahoma


It's June. 

Here's what's popping off or has already popped off that you should come and have a look at. 

Coming up

No Nonsense Pop-Up from 15-16th June. They do plants. 

We have new window vinyls by Manchester based illustrator and pal Amy Victoria Marsh. It makes us want to be naked and free! Look at them go! 

Our dear Pingus has been mended and is back on the streets looking fresh, greeting the people, witnessing the crimes, etc. He's a social guy but sometimes he is taken advantage of by rogue street feelers. We know it defo wasn't any you guys. You're all gentle, respectful creatures.

And finally - did you notice we've got a NEW WEBSITE? Look at this shit! All of the flashy, moving, shiny, colourful wonder.

You may also notice that we're switching up the vibe of what we sell here too. We're focusing more attention on our favourite independent makers. We'll be buying even more of their creative wares and telling their story.

We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping here as much as we've enjoyed making it! Make sure you keep checking it out as we'll be updating the offering and experience more frequently too!